We were delighted with the reception to our online forum theatre performances last month and very grateful that our audience were willing to become spect-actors!

Details of the film Ray Bird of Rare Bird Media is producing will be forthcoming so watch this space!

The advert and details for ‘Reimagining the Future’ performed from 10-12 June 2021 are below:

We are excited to announce the details of our upcoming online forum theatre performances!

Join us and please spread the word!

It’s Alice’s birthday and she’s looking forward to more adventures in Wonderland, but there’s no seat for her at the tea party. Why is this world of opportunities and imagination no longer open to her? How many merry unbirthdays are too many? Can she convince them to let her stay?

Dot has been an activist in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament for decades. She is due to speak at a meeting tonight and the taxi is waiting outside. So why is she hesitating? Is activism only a young person’s game?

Return to Wonderland and Waiting for Dot are two short plays devised by older adults, working with Active Inquiry, exploring issues of ageism, activism and the future in older age. They are part of the Reimagining the Future Project at the University of Stirling exploring the potential for utopian thinking to reimagine the future in older age.

We would like to invite you to join us to watch these scenes and participate in exploring the relationship between older age and the future. The event will be held on Zoom, will be part performance and part workshop, and we welcome anyone of any age to join us!

Thursday 10th June 2.30-4.30pm

Friday 11th June 10am-12

Saturday 12th June 5-7pm

Tickets are free but must be booked in advance

The performances will be recorded for research purposes and for the making of a public film about the project. If you do not wish to appear in the film you will be given the chance to opt out at the start of the session

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Find out more about Stage 3 of our project below

We are excited to be working in collaboration with Active Inquiry, an Edinburgh-based theatre and arts activist company, to conduct Online Forum Theatre Workshops and Performances with self-identifying older adults.

Active Inquiry and the research team will begin by working with a variety of groups and members of the public in a series of introductory online forum theatre workshops to explore and create narratives of the future as we age.

All of these workshops will be recorded as we are making a documentary film about this stage of the project with Rare Bird Media.

Following the introductory workshops Active Inquiry and the research team will be working with individuals interested in becoming part of the ‘Performance Group’ and work towards the creation and performance of their own ‘narratives of the future’. Again the rehearsals and final performances will be recorded for potential inclusion in the documentary film about the project being produced by Rare Bird Media.

You can find out more about Active Inquiry here – https://www.activeinquiry.co.uk

You can find out more about Rare Bird Media here – http://rarebirdmedia.com

Melanie Lovatt and Valerie Wright

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