What do we mean by ‘self-identified’ older adult

In our previous blog post, we announced that we’re recruiting ‘self-identified’ older people to take part in an online theatre workshop. The term ‘self-identified’ seems to have ruffled some feathers, and so this is a response in good faith which hopefully answers some questions.  Researchers of older age and later life have always had to … Continue reading What do we mean by ‘self-identified’ older adult

The Last Children of Tokyo by Yoko Tawada

All of our intergenerational online reading groups chose to read Yoko Tawada’s The Last Children of Tokyo (first published in Japan in 2014 and in the UK in 2018). This post will consider the groups’ reactions to the book, the vision of the future presented and their thoughts on intergenerational relationships and longevity.  In the Guardian John Self describes The … Continue reading The Last Children of Tokyo by Yoko Tawada

Moving Online

Back in January when we started this project we could never have envisaged that there would be a global pandemic by March. The virus, lockdown and social distancing continue to have profound consequences on people’s everyday lives, their jobs and social relationships. In addition, many have lost people they love. The number of deaths at … Continue reading Moving Online